Antti Rossi

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Antti is an IT entrepreneur, a PHP enthusiast, and an OSCP certified white-hat hacker based in Helsinki Finland.

During the daytime, he’s leading an innovative recruitment technology company called Jobilla, where he’s mainly focusing hands-on in the product design and development processes day-to-day. For the night time and weekends, he turns into a white hat hacker that loves to solve CTF challenges and puzzles and to spend time penetration testing open-source software in private bug bounty programs in order to make the web a safer place for us all.

He is passionate about teaching fellow developers about software security (especially within the PHP community), and is known for concrete hands-on oriented presentations and workshops.

Speaker's talks

  • Hacking PHP applications from scratch

    Workshop Intermediate

    Security is a tedious cat and mouse game, that’s increasing in development speed and complexity every single day. Hackers’ game plan is to know more about certain edge cases and in-depth details regarding the technologies they’re attempting to compromise, than the developers who initially built and are currently maintaining those technologies.

  • How your PHP application can get hacked, and how to prevent that from happening?

    Regular talk Intermediate

    In this talk, we’ll exploit some commonly known vulnerabilities (OWASP top 10) and misconfigurations that can occur to a PHP application running on a Linux based host.