Think Like a Programmer

What does it mean to think like a programmer? Is it like The Matrix where all you see is a stream of ones and zeros? Is it the ability to deconstruct physical objects into classes on the fly? Or is it the ability to fool yourself into thinking that you are actually good at what you do long enough to get the job done before you curl up in a fetal position under your desk mumbling “why doesn’t this work in production?”

Thinking like a programmer is none of these things. Thinking like a programmer actually has very little to do with coding, and everything to do with a mindset that when adopted helps you understand how how to be a better developer and how to write better code.

Join me as we cover six themes that will help junior and senior developers alike.

Together we will discuss these six important concepts. Together we will understand the mindset of a professional programmer Together we will begin to think like a programmer.

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Cal Evans

Senior Consultant @ EICC