2020 Talks

  • Hacking PHP applications from scratch

    Antti Rossi Antti Rossi's' country flag

    CTO @ Jobilla

    Security is a tedious cat and mouse game, that’s increasing in development speed and complexity every single day. Hackers’ game plan is to know more about certain edge cases and in-depth details regarding the technologies they’re attempting to compromise, than the developers who initially built and are currently maintaining those technologies.

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  • Best practices for crafting high quality PHP apps

    James Titcumb James Titcumb's' country flag

    Consultant @ Roave, LLC

    This workshop intends to improve your skills in planning, documenting, some aspects of development, testing and delivery of software for both legacy and greenfield projects.

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  • Building a non-blocking service with Symfony and ReactPHP

    Marc Morera Marc Morera's' country flag

    Software Architect @ PHP.Coach

    In this small tutorial, we will make the full transition of a small regular Symfony project with Mysql and Redis as our persistence layer, into a full non-blocking async application by using ReactPHP.

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