About PHP Serbia Conferences so far….

About PHP Serbia Conferences so far….

PHP Serbia conference is a project that our association is the proudest of, one of the highest-rated and premium recognizable IT conferences in this part of Europe. PHP Serbia gathers world-class speakers and delivers high-quality content. In addition, #phpsrb engages social and community aspects of the organization.

The conference has one distinguishable feature - it brings some kind of innovation every year.

It delivers high-value technical content about PHP and related web technologies, architecture, best practices and testing. It offers three days of inspiring talks and workshops by the most prominent experts and professionals in the PHP world.

On our YouTube channel you can watch over 160 talks and meetups we have organized so far and other content from our events.

PHP Serbia in the past 7 conferences:

  • 3600+ attendees from all around the world
  • 101 international speakers
  • 130+ companies that supported our cause
  • 59 meetups
  • 40% of foreign visitors
  • 220+ talk submissions in 2019
  • Blind tickets have been sold in a record-breaking time
  • Panel discussions + unconference + open space
  • PHP conference has been visited by people from 40+ different countries so far!
  • 85,1% of attendees are software developers
  • 56% of attendees are seniors

Previous conferences: