Junior day - for future generations!

Junior day - for future generations!

Citizens association “PHP Serbia” has been successfully organizing international programming conferences for seven years. We want to see the community grow, and one of the ways to expand is through conferences. 

After seven years of organizing conferences we noticed new speakers and new developers struggle to keep up with their more experienced peers. That’s the reason we are introducing a change in our conference through a pilot project that is Junior day - a day dedicated to new members of our community, both delegates and speakers. 

Step into the conference world through Junior day. We, as a community, are here to support you!

Through talks and workshops with topics ranging from Agile themes to programming questions Juniors will have the opportunity to gain and exchange knowledge. After the talks and workshops, all Junior day delegates will be welcome to attend PHP Serbia 2020 Unconference, where they will get to meet speakers who will be giving their talks during the main event - PHP Serbia 2020 conference, that will take place from May 22nd to May 23rd.

Junior day will take place on May 21st at the location that will be disclosed soon.

Tickets for Junior day will be free, but limited due to a number of seats available. We will be releasing the tickets in contingents. The first contingent will be released at the same time as Regular tickets are released, and will count 20 tickets. Following releases will be announced in due time.

If you wish to support Junior day feel free to contact us at [email protected]