Welcome aboard Program Committee team!

Welcome aboard Program Committee team!

Every year, hundreds of delegates attend our annual event to see and listen to high quality talks and speakers. In this context, the role of the Program Committee is very challenging and important.

“Our program committee is made up of prominent experts with a strong technical background, experience as lecturers at international conferences, contribution to the community and further networking, sharing of knowledge and experience.”

In previous years, speakers from all over the world were part of PHP Serbia events. We're always adding new discoveries for #phpsrb talks. Call for Papers is open! Submit your talk or workshop until December 20th.  

PHP Serbia 2020 Program Committee will study each and every proposal in detail. After the anonymous voting process, the decision will be made based on expert assessment and the total number of attendees votes during Community Selected Talks process.

Special thanks to PHP Serbia 2020 Program Committee:

Pauline Vos

Pauline is a PHP developer currently employed by Werkspot in Amsterdam. She likes good, clean software design and being as efficient (lazy) as possible. Also cocktails, video games and animal memes. She lives in Amsterdam with her cat, Phife Cat, and about three plants. Twitter: @vanamerongen and LinkedIn.

Robert Basic

Robert is a software engineer and PHP consultant. He doesn't shy away from maintaining legacy applications and writing documentation, fixing bugs with the help of tests and believes communication with business stakeholders is the way to develop software. Loves contributing to open source, and is a core contributor to Mockery, a PHP mock object framework for use in unit testing. Author of pugdebug, a standalone debugging client for PHP that uses XDebug as the debugging engine. Twitter: @robertbasic and LinkedIn.

Michelle Sanver

Michelle is a code-passionate colourful geek and with more than 15 years of PHP experience, she is eager to share her extensive knowledge. She works at Liip, a self organised company based in Switzerland. At Liip she proudly does many things, including organising internal hiking events! But her main day to day work is as a developer. It involves an ever changing API for a big retailer in Switzerland, using mainly Symfony, ElasticSearch and RabbitMQ. Twitter: @michellesanver and LinkedIn.

Andreas Heigl

Andreas helps solving problems at bitExpert, a german Software and Media Solution provider. He sometimes even uses code for that. Besides his family, his work as jack-of-all-trades and contributions to different open-source-projects he still finds the time to run PHPUGFFM, the PHP-Usergroup in Frankfurt/Main and maintain PHP.ug. Twitter: @heiglandreas and LinkedIn.  

Mihail Irintchev

Mihail is a web developer since 2003, passionate about PHP, testing and good coding practices. He works at SiteGround (a web hosting company) for over 15 years now. One of the founders of Bulgaria PHP user group, organizer of UG meetings, co-organizer of the BHPHP Conference 2015, 2016 and 2019. Husband and a father with too much hobbies for the amount of free time available. Some of them include homebrewing, photography, history, motorcycles, rock music. Aside from the IT stuff, due to his passion about beer, Mihail and his wife Petya own a small homebrew supplies shop in Sofia, Bulgaria. Twitter: @irintchev and LinkedIn.

At the PHP Serbia 2020 event, you’ll have a unique opportunity to learn about the latest development trends and innovations, as well as network with fellow attendees and speakers.

Program Committee and the PHP Serbia team look forward to welcoming you to Belgrade!