Catena Media - Silver Partner

Catena Media - Silver Partner

Catena Media is one of the fastest-growing lead generation companies in the world.

Our story began in 2012 from an idea conjured by two like-minded friends with a shared hobby. Nine years later, our team is made of 400+ colleagues from all around the globe, including our Serbian office. The company is headquartered in Malta.

We are focused on iGaming and our not-so-humble aim is to become the world’s top lead generation company. That is the reason we create different online channels, drive Internet traffic, and generate leading marketing solutions for our clients.

Our team is diverse, creative, innovative, and focused on creating kick-ass products. Our colleagues are all-in on creating a work environment that they will enjoy. Because in non-Covid circumstances, we spend at least a third of our day in our offices in Airport City (currently we are working remotely). That is the reason why we strive to offer the best working conditions, above the industry level. Catena offices are not an average form of the work environment.

We want to inspire every member of our team to reach the pinnacle of their potential, and that is why, in addition to constant educational opportunities and professional development, we take care of the physical and mental well-being of our colleagues too.

The events we organize are legendary (for now, you’ll have to take our word for it), as well as the work we do. Nevertheless, our objective is mutual – to transform any industry by focusing on organic growth, geographical expansion, and acquisitions in order to become the world’s number one company for generating leads.

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