Mihailo Joksimovic

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Software Architect

Software Engineer, ML student, loudman competitor and chief entertainment officer. Strongly believes that programming is an art form and that cats are psychopaths

Mihailo’s programming journey began over 2 decades ago, while his professional career celebrates its 11th birthday.  Over the years, he has been wearing many hats and playing many roles, ranging from “Yet Another Programmer” to “Lead Developer”, all while retaining and proudly flaunting his “loudest developer in the room” title. He’s especially proud of the fact that he co-founded a startup that successfully went from 0 to 20 to 0 employees within a 5 year period.

Aside from his day-to-day job duties, for reasons as unbeknown to him as to the people around him, he decided to go back to university and obtain the BSc degree in Computer Science, which culminated with him getting a MSc degree in a Data Science field.

These days you can find him playing the software architect role during the day, while exploring machine learning possibilities during the night.

Speaker's talks

  • How about some Text Mining?

    Regular talk Intermediate

    Have you ever wondered how the text is vectorized and then used for classification and prediction tasks? Or how you can use Text Mining against your Bugs or Requirements?

  • We Are Developers and We Need Therapy!

    Regular talk Intermediate

    Are you talking care of your mental hygiene? I didn't. I learned it the hard way. We all need therapy!