Milko Kostrukov

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Software Development Contractor
Ty's Software

I’ve been a professional developer for more than 13 years, but actually started to play with programming about 21 years ago. I’ve worked on many and diverse projects, including TV productions, SMS and Voice added services, MMO games, freelancing, SEO aiding projects, healthcare, etc. Keen on writing clean, expressive working code. When programming I mostly enjoy designing the overall architecture of the system and digging deeply into the domain of the problem at hand.

On the non-technical side - I started my own company a year ago and organized Bulgaria PHP Conference 2019. Also, I am a wannabe rock-star - like in singing in bands and stuff...

Speaker's talks

  • Minimize the framework and allow yourself some DDD

    Regular talk Advanced

    In this talk I'll tell you how we changed our view perspective on input/output/request/response, pushed the framework in the infrastructure corner and cleaned ourselves some space for sweet DDD.

  • PHP Fibers

    Regular talk Advanced

    In PHP 8.1 we welcome a new built-in feature  - Fibers. Fibers give us the stepping stone for more sane (looking) and modern async programming. But on their own, they don’t seem to offer much, so how does it work? Well, we’re gonna do our own async Prooof-Of-Concept  framework using them and find out!