2021 Talks

  • Minimize the framework and allow yourself some DDD

    Milko Kostrukov Milko Kostrukov's' country flag

    Software Development Contractor @ Ty's Software

    In this talk I'll tell you how we changed our view perspective on input/output/request/response, pushed the framework in the infrastructure corner and cleaned ourselves some space for sweet DDD.

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  • I just became team-lead, now what

    Frederick Vanbrabant Frederick Vanbrabant's' country flag

    Software engineer @ Brody & Hooper

    In this talk, we will take a look at how you can keep the team motivated and inspired, see if we can apply the same mindset to job interviews and dive into some do's and don't of talking to customers. You're going to do great, but a little guidance never hurt anyone.

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  • Escaping from OOP boundaries

    Alexander Lisachenko Alexander Lisachenko's' country flag

    Head of Software Architecture @ Alpari

    Join me and I will show you hidden ways to escape your existing OOP boundaries and teach you new advanced patterns that can help you in daily code development.

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